Melody Cards

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Each of these 21 melody cards show four beats of pitches marked on a five line music staff. With C marked as DO (C major scale), students apply Solfege and sing each melody card accurately before moving on to the next. Audio recordings of each card are included, though I suggest the teacher model each card in person rather than depending on those recordings.

Melodies using the seven Solfege syllables have been broken down into six levels, as follows:

Level 1: SO MI

Level 2: LA SO MI

Level 3: MI RE DO

Level 4: LA SO MI RE DO

Level 5: LA SO FA MI RE DO


To help younger students, I have marked each line and space with the corresponding Solfege syllable. However, once each of the six levels have been mastered, the levels are repeated (as expert versions) without Solfege markings.

This PowerPoint presentation is developmentally appropriate for kindergarten through fifth grade, but could also be used as a warm up in middle school choir. It is one of my favorite resources because it is highly effective in developing sight singing and musical understanding.


-Notes to the teacher

-Solfege body sign pictures for lower elementary

-Solfege hand signs for upper elementary

-21 melody cards separated into 12 levels (6 basic levels and 6 expert levels)

-Next Steps

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