Grant Writing

Below is a list of grants and creative funding I’ve found to supply my music classrooms. Click the links to see the original grant documents. I hope these real examples help other music teachers as they pursue similar opportunities. I’m so thankful for the many parents, community members, and organizations who have invested in the education of my amazing students! We couldn’t have done it without you!!!

YearGrant TitleSourceItemsAmount
2012Bass Bars To Keep The BeatBrownsburg Education FoundationBass bars C and G$928.80
2012Air-Instruments Are Not As Fun As The Real Thing!Donors ChooseMetallophone, Instrument Stand$435.25
2012It Takes Instruments To Make A MasterpieceDonors ChooseMetallophone$415.02
2013Stand Up For Music With Xylophone Stands!Donors Choose6 Instrument Stands$679.76
2013Stand Up For Music With Metallophone Stands!Donors Choose6 Instrument Stands$679.76
2013Bass Bars To Keep The BeatDonors ChooseBass Bars D And A$1,033.52
2017Value Of Underutilized Instruments Found Within The DistrictZionsville Community Schools2 AXs, 1 SG, 1 AG, 2 Talking Drums, 1 Ngoma Drum, 14 Tubano Drums$5,102.97
2017The Orff Classroom, Instruments That LastZionsville Education Foundation3 SGs, 3 AGs, 2 AXs, 3 BXs, 2 SMs, 2 AMs, 2BMs, 27 Frame Drums$9,013.13
2017PTO RequestBoone Meadow PTO24 Instrument Stands, DSLR Camera With Accessories$3,904.01
2018Imagine Professional Development GrantZionsville Education FoundationOrff Schulwerk Level 1 Certification Course From Anderson University$1,266.50
2018Bass Bars To Keep The BeatDonors ChooseBass Bars C And G$1,155.38
2018Bass Bars To Keep The BeatDonors ChooseBass Bars D And A$1,155.38
2018Pentatonic Bass BarsDonors ChooseBass Bar E$720.72
2018Grant ApplicationBack To The FiftiesiPad$250.00
2019Staying In TuneDonors Choose6 SXs, 2 AXs$4,716.24
2020Music Technology: The Looping StationDonors ChooseLoop Station$158.26
2020Grant ApplicationForum Credit UnionSound Demonstration Equipment$2,494.00
2021Elementary Music Education GrantIndividual Donor Through ZEF11 Tubano Drums, Stretchy Band, Scarves, Puppet, Keyboard Stand$4,043.98
2022Lighting Up The Music Room For Dance Parties!Donors ChooseClassroom Dance Lighting$1040.02
2022Lighting Up The Music Room (Part 2)Donors ChooseClassroom Dance Lighting$225.46
2023Imagine Grant- Playing Our Orff Instruments For All They’re WorthZionsville Education FoundationAOSA Profession Development Conference Registration, Airfare, Lodging, Food$1,850.00

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