Upper Elementary Composition Project Using Orff Instruments

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This 4-8 lesson project gives upper elementary students a step by step process to writing their own composition. Using quarter notes, quarter rests, eighth notes, half notes, half rests, and/or sixteenth notes, students will write a 16 beat rhythm, match it with original lyrics, and then transfer it to a melody played on a mallet instrument in C pentatonic. This project truly allows kids to make up their own song and take charge of their decisions each step of the way. It has taken me four years of trial and error to create, and I am confident that the process outlined will lead them to success.


-Notes To The Teacher

-Kid Friendly Vocabulary (Composition, Improvisation, Lyrics, Steady Beat, Rhythm, Melody)

-13 Step Directions

-Rhythm Composition Worksheet

-Notation Diagram

-Melody Composition Worksheet

-50 Point Rubric

-Next Steps

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