Fired Up!



Happy Veterans’ Day! Fired Up is a steady beat and body percussion echo activity inspired by military marching cadences. The accompaniment track is upbeat and fun, making it perfect for a classroom activity or a Veterans’ Day performance. The attached chart shows each beat of music with the teacher’s text listed in red and the student’s text listed in blue. An embedded video example shows how that text is performed, along with example echoes and student movements. The PowerPoint details each piece of text, along with eighth beat charts at the bottom of each slide for teacher cues. This activity is developmentally appropriate for elementary students of all ages and is sure to be a class favorite!

For a video of this activity in action, check out this YouTube link:


-Beat chart with text

-Video example

-51 slides listing teacher and student text

-Embedded accompaniment track (NOTE: I’m also happy to send you the stand-alone MP3 after purchase if you’d like to play it without the PowerPoint. Please just email me at and I’ll make sure to send it your way.)

-Next steps

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