Chimes of Dunkirk: Teaching Dance to Children, the DVD

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Edited by Gerret Warner, directed and narrated by Peter Amidon
  • Filmed throughout with two cameras by Warner & Company of Chapel Hill, NC , the video includes:
  • footage of 18 of the dances in the ‘Chimes’ collection including teaching tips for most of the dances.
  • Dance teaching and calling by ‘Chimes’ editors Peter Amidon, Andy Davis and Mary Cay Brass.
  • Dance teaching by two music teachers and one phys ed teacher from an elementary school in Cambridge, MA.
  • An evening community dance in Connecticut, an evening community dance in Vermont, and an evening adult contra dance in Massachusetts, all with great live music.
  • Dance sessions with children in elementary schools in Massachusetts and Vermont.
  • A section on the basics of teaching traditional dance to children, including discussion on holding hands, choosing partners, gent/lady issues, etc.
62 minutes; DVD $20

Narration by Peter Amidon throughout the video.

“Your DVD is absolutely superb–both as a documentary (the notions of community and dance culture come through so convincingly), and as a piece of film-making (the quality is outstanding–it’s technically superb, beautifully edited, and a joy to watch). Thanks for sharing your philosophy and techniques with a wider audience!” -Sean & Bonnie Walmsley: early education specialists, authors of Children Exploring Their World – Theme Teaching in Elementary School

“After a few minutes, I just wanted to jump into the television and get onto that floor to dance!” -Tossi Aaron: dance educator, author of Musicbook O

Produced by New England Dancing Masters and Country Dance and Song Society

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